B&O Play has a new wireless speaker, the Beolit 17

Have you got enough Scandinavian style in your home? If not, B&O is hoping that its new Beolit 17 speaker, which follows the Beolit 15, will fill the gap.

Design-wise, B&O has gone for a rugged look; the top and the bottom of the Beolit 17 is made of polymer, as well as having a non-slip and scratchproof tray on the top to place your smartphone. The speaker has an aluminium grille and a leather handle "crafted from premium grain", in case you want to transport it around.

The Beolit 17 also has a "one-touch connect" button, which can activate one of four functions: setting an alarm to play one of two tones from B&O Play, or the last song played on your smartphone; playing the last song you listened to on Spotify; a remote function that will play, pause, or skip the current track; or activating one of the company's ToneTouch presets.

The speaker comes in "Natural" (White) and Stone Grey, and is available now, priced £450.

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