BLU-RAY REVIEWS: Slumdog Millionaire & The Spirit

It’s another pair of polar opposites on our movies channel this week, with Frank Miller’s embarrassingly poor adaptation Will Eisner’s The Spirit picking up a single star for just about managing to look and sound vaguely interesting, while Slumdog Millionaire’s unexpectedly successful mixing of violence, torture, poverty and uplifting gameshows earns it a full five stars thanks to its excellent performances and brilliant cinematography.

You can check out our full Slumdog Millionaire review here, and The Spirit review is here.

If you’re after something a little more interactive, our game reviews channel has Red Faction Guerrilla review that will let you know if we were as impressed with its gameplay and story as we were with its astonishing destruction engine that allows you to topple building in just about the most detailed and realistic fashion we’ve ever seen.