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Here are the best Amazon Echo Dot Cyber Monday deals (and which one to buy)

Amazon Echo Dot deals
(Image credit: Amazon)

If you're looking for an affordable smart speaker this Cyber Monday, Amazon has you covered. It has lopped £21 off the price of both the Echo Dot 4th Gen and its predecessor, the Echo Dot 3rd Gen.

That means the 4th Gen is now just £29, while the 3rd Gen has dropped to £19. Madness.

Wondering which you should buy? Let's compare the two and help you decide.

Cyber Monday Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen deal

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen £49.99

Amazon Echo Dot 4th Gen £49.99 £28.99 at Amazon (save £21)
The Echo Dot swaps the puck design of its predecessors for an orb-like shape that sounds significantly better. As the smallest speaker in the Echo range, it's ideal for adding Alexa to every room of the house, particularly with this discount.

The fourth-generation Echo Dot is the smartest yet, and not just in terms of technology. It looks the most advanced too, with a new, orb-like circular design. It looks a lot more futuristic than the hockey puck design of yesteryear.

The new design repositions the control buttons too. Now they're on the top, they're easier to reach, which makes controlling the device easier than ever.

(Of course, both are designed to be voice controlled, but still, we like a button press every now and again.)

The 4th Gen model also adds a low power mode. When the speaker sits idle, it enters this mode and saves you power. It's not something you're likely to notice, as you won't be using the device at the time. But using less power is good for the environment, not to mention your electricity bill.

While both speakers have the same 1.5-inch tweeter, Amazon has made one significant change to the speaker – on the 4th Gen Echo Dot, it fires forwards, whereas the 3rd Gen's fires upwards. That makes the 4th Gen clearer and louder – in our review, we called it "a solid step-up on the previous model for audio".

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen £39.99

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen £39.99 £18.99 at Amazon (save £21)
The Echo Dot might lack the impact of its bigger brother, but it has all the same smarts and is small enough to fit in a pocket. And at a penny under £19, this deal is too good to miss.

Put side by side, the 3rd Gen Echo Dot sounds slightly muddied through the lower registers and, comparatively, lacks timing and energy. The later Dot's delivery, on the other hand, boasts better zeal and agility, and there’s an extra ounce of focus over the older iteration.

Other than those differences, the speakers are very similar. Because they're both reliant on Amazon's Alexa personal assistant, they both have the same feature set and range of Alexa "skills" released by third parties. That means you can speak to make them play music, look up trivia, read you the news, traffic and weather forecasts, and to control other smart home devices like thermostats and lighting.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen vs Dot 4th Gen: Which should you buy?

Really, it's a question of budget. The 4th Gen looks better, sounds better and offers slightly more advanced technology. But then the 3rd Gen is £10 cheaper. 

Neither is exactly pricey – especially with these deals – but if you're really strapped for cash, or want to spend as little as possible, then the 3rd Gen is for you. Otherwise, it's the 4th Gen all the way.


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