A round-up of this week's highlights including Toshiba's return and a review of Denon's D-M41DAB micro-system

This week Denon announced a new range of HEOS enabled AV receivers, Marantz took the covers off of its PM8006 stereo amp and Toshiba returned to TV manufacturing with its first 4K OLED.

For reviews we have Denon's D-M41DAB micro-system, Dali's Spektor 6 floorstanders and LG's UP970 4K Blu-ray player.


Denon launches five new HEOS-equipped AV receivers

Denon's latest range of AV receivers will have the company's HEOS multi-room technology built in.

Top of the range is the 11-channel AVR-X6400H, followed by the nine-channel AVR-X4400H and the seven-channel AVR-X1400, AVR-X2400H, AVR-X3400H.

They will all offer Spotify Connect and will receive upgrades for Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log Gamma in the autumn.

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Marantz reveals new PM8006 stereo amplifier

Marantz has taken the wraps off its new PM8006 stereo amp that's due to go on sale later this year.

While there are few details about the amp, we do know it has a torodial power transformer, a newly-designed moving-magnet phono stage and solid aluminium heat-sinks.

The PM8006 goes on sale in December, with RRP expected to be around £1000.

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Toshiba returns from the TV wilderness with its X97 OLED

Japanese brand Toshiba has marked its return with a new 4K OLED TV.

Partnering with European TV manufacturer Vestel, the 65in X97 includes 4K support for both Netflix and YouTube.

The announcement of Toshiba's return also included the U77 range of 4K LCD TVs, which share many features with the X97 line and come in 49in and 55in screen sizes.

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"We just didn’t realise it’d be this much better"

Denon D-M41DAB

We've thoroughly enjoyed Denon's previous micro-systems, but with the D-M41DAB, it appears to have surpassed its own high benchmark.

It offers a number of improvements, including Bluetooth connectivity and an audio performance that's spacious, balanced and full of character.

We have no quibbles with the Denon. It offers a stellar performance.

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"We can imagine many liking – even preferring – their big and cheery character"

Dali Spektor 6

Part of Dali's new budget range of speakers, there's plenty to like about the Spektor 6 even if it doesn't set the world alight.

Producing a wide spread of sound to go with its easy-going, likable character, it's a big, cheery speaker.

However, it falls short in terms of insight and rhythmic ability, which means the Spektor won't be troubling the class leaders.

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"Its picture is pleasing, and its audio quality (for all its flaws) is still decent"

LG UP970

LG enters the 4K Blu-ray player market, but fails to match its rivals in this market.

The picture is pleasing enough, with rich colours and fine detail; it's certainly in the mix with the best performers.

But sound is where its rivals steal a march on it. Lacking dynamics and bass, it doesn't make our 4K blu-rays sing. It's good, but there are better choices.

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