Well, the March issue is now wrapped up, reviewing has started for the April one, and we're just finishing off The Ultimate Guide to Systems. Watch this space for on-sale dates and more information over the coming weeks.

Oh, and it's only four weeks until the Sound and Vision show in Bristol. Or to put it another way, we've just looked at the calendar and thought 'Oh gawd - it's only four weeks until Bristol'.

Panic not - vans will be rented, equipment assembled and corporate polo-shirts ordered in good time, and we'll be there in force to answer questions and generally shoot the breeze.

We've been spending a lot of time on the website, too. This week we've....

Over in the Forums we now have well over 9000 registered users and almost 25,000 threads to keep you talking. We've been discovering serious bass, debating TV size and of course still banging on about Blu-ray and HD DVD.

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