Spotify users could soon take advantage of exclusive merchandise offers, secret shows and other VIP experiences from their favourite artists after the music streaming service joined forces with BandPage.

BandPage is the "central profile" through which musicians can reach out to their fans around the world, and this Spotify deal is expected to deliver "powerful new ways" for artists to connect with those fans. 

The partnership has already come into effect and BandPage is confident that its offers and promotions will underline "the creative and commercial potential" of one of the world's largest streaming services.

Among some of the BandPage-powered offers now available are the chance to meet Porter Robinson and receive a prop from his Lionhearted video and an online concert offer from Ariana Grande.

You'll be able to find all of the BandPage offers on the musicians' relevant Spotify page from today.

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BandPage founder and CEO J Sider said: "For so long, musicians haven’t effectively been able to reach their fans with the right merch and VIP experiences across major streaming services.

"This partnership opens up a new revenue stream that enables musicians to sell directly to 40 million fans at the moment they are most engaged and listening to a musician’s song."

BandPage currently has more than 500,000 musicians on its books, while Spotify has a presence in 59 global markets and more than 10 million paid-for subscribers.

With music streaming rapidly replacing downloading for so many people, Spotify is just one of a number of services currently available. So, when it comes to picking the best for your digital fix, let us help you.

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