Audio Pro LV2e active speakers go wireless

Audio Pro LV2e

New from Audio Pro are these active LV2e stereo speakers with built-in wireless receiver and transmitter dongle, available this month for £700 a pair.

Available in white, black or red leather, each LV2e has twin discrete 25W Class D amplifiers drivng a 25mm soft-dome tweeter and 11.5cm aluminium woofer.

Set-up is simple: just plug the speakers into the mains, connect the wi-fi dongle to your source (computer, hi-fi, TV or whatever) via USB or a 3.5mm or RCA phono cable, and start streaming your music to the speakers.

Audio Pro uses a dedicated, protected wireless protocol in the 2.4GHz band which allows transmission in full CD quality and makes it possible to preserve uncompressed formats such as FLAC and Apple Lossless.

Multiple LV2es can be used together to share music from three different sources with three distinct volume zones in the home. The wireless transmission range is up to 20m between rooms, or up to 50m in the same space.

The speakers are supplied with a remote control for power, mute, master volume and zone volume. They can operate in two modes: full-range or satellite. When used in satellite mode with a matching LV-SUB, the system can go 10dB higher.

Inside the TX100 transmitter supplied with the package is a high-quality sample rate converter built into the same silicon as the USB audio controller for more accurate clocking and reduced jitter.

An analogue-to-digital converter resides on a separate chip, and the RX100 receiver (bulit into the speakers) uses a Burr-Brown DAC. Bandwidth is 1.6Mb per channel and all audio is run at 48kHz.

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