Audeze unveils all-new ultra premium LCD-5 planar magnetic headphones

Audeze LCD-5 new planar magnetic headphones
(Image credit: Audeze)

High-end audio manufacturer Audeze has just announced a new reference audio headphone, the Audeze LCD-5. As you might expect from Audeze's celebrated LCD lineage, they're over-ear, they're open-back, they're planar magnetic and, thanks to a flurry of new design and tech features, they weigh just 420g. That makes them one third lighter than the 2015-release LCD-4 model and 23 per cent lighter than the LCD-3 – a product which gained a coveted five-star review from this publication back in 2014. 

The California-based headphone specialist says the LCD-5 sets a new standard for accuracy, thanks in part to a new driver design with Audeze’s own patent-pending Parallel Uniforce voice coils, plus a new Fluxor magnet assembly (yes, those are the real names). 

Audeze LCD-5 features a new Fluxor magnet assembly and Parallel Uniforce voice coils

(Image credit: Audeze)

Then, there's the new acoustically designed, internally sloped leather earpads, the improved carbon fibre suspension headband, deep 'tortoise shell' acetate rings (no tortoises were harmed), all-new fully redesigned magnesium housing, plus Audeze's latest premium audio cable made with high-purity copper. Oh, and you get an aluminium travel case too.

If you're able to get to Orange County in the Golden State, Audeze will be demoing the new LCD-5 headphones at CanJam SoCal on September 25th-26th at the Irvine Marriott – and we're extremely jealous of you.

Audeze's high-end LCD line of planar magnetic over-ear headphones – renowned for its premium prices and, in our experience, premium performance – had become more accessible in recent years with the introduction of the LCD2 Classics (£600 / $800 / AU$1169) and a closed-back version (£700 / $900 / AU$1299). 

The trend continued with the 2019-release £399 / $399 / AU$629 LCD-1, which boasted planar magnetic technology in a lightweight, foldable, affordable design. But the all-new LCD-5 marks a resounding return to high-end manufacture – Audeze's latest set of cans is, ahem, a different proposition entirely.

Audeze LCD-5

(Image credit: Audeze)

Ready for pricing then? The Audeze LCD-5 is now available on Audeze’s website and through select dealers, priced at $4500 / AU$6799 (roughly £3290, although official pricing for the UK has yet to be announced). Yes, they're expensive – although not as dear as the collection showcased in our 11 of the world's most expensive headphones feature. And after all, Christmas is coming...


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