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The limited edition model of A&K’s flagship hi-res audio player not only introduces a colourful new look, but it also claims to bring sonic improvements over the standard version...

The AK380 Copper edition is, as you've probably guessed by now, made from copper (a solid 1.7kg block to be precise), which is coated to prevent oxidisation.

Astell & Kern says copper results in “superior electrical conductivity and shielding performance”, and the company claims it has a different sound signature to the regular, duralumin-based AK380

Elsewhere, the player is exactly the same as the standard model, packing in dual 32bit DACs, advanced jitter reduction and native DSD playback. Internal storage is 256GB and a microSD slot allows for expansion over 384GB. 

Only 500 units of the Copper edition will go on sale, with each player costing £3299 - a £300 premium over the standard model. The UK allocation will be available from select stockists and A&K’s Amazon page from late January.

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Imusicman's picture

Copper edition AK380

Why do A&K continuously to increase the cost of their products to the consumer? £3299 is ridiculous for a portable player imho

Sergio Ortiz's picture

You may as well ask why

You may as well ask why Ferrari continues to increase the cost of its cars or Tag Heuer the cost of its watches. These companies aren't going broke, so obviously there's a demand for their products.

benchan's picture

wrong, wrong, wrong

It's not the cost that they are incresing - it's the price.