Archos 3 Vision
Archos has unveiled a five-strong range of MP3 players for 2009; three will be available in August, the other two in the autumn

French manufacturer Archos today unveiled its new range of three competitively priced portable media players ready for August, with two more to follow later in the year.

Smallest of the three is the Archos Clipper, which is set to retail at £19.99, and weighs just 20 grams – roughly the size and weight of a 1 Euro coin. The Clipper has 2GB storage capacity, and will store up to 1000 MP3 or WMA songs, or 60 hours of music.

Following on from the Clipper is the credit-card sized 2 Vision, which packs 8GB capacity, holding up to 4000 songs while also possessing video and other multimedia capability. It also comes with a built in FM radio that includes 30 presets and is set to hit the shops at £49.99

Last, and biggest, of the three is the £89.99 3 Vision, which has a 3in LCD touch screen, 8GB capacity, and again will hold up to 4000 songs.

Surprisingly light, it also features an FM radio and additional multimedia capability together with additional features such as a stopwatch and calendar..

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Both the 2 and 3 Vision use a virtual scroll dial, similar to an electronic version of Apple's famous 'click-wheel' to navigate through the linear menus.

Following on in the autumn will be the Archos 4 and 7 PMPs, both of which will be included in the 'Vision' series, and will not be direct replacements for the existing Archos 4 and 7 media tablets.