Archos 7 internet media tablet out now

Archos 7

It's available in two versions, either 160GB (£360) or 320GB (£440), from Amazon, PC World, Micro Anvika, Comet and Dixons Tax Free stores.

Initial details of the new Archos range first emerged in August, as we reported here. Now you can buy the 7, along with the other models in the range, the Archos 5 and 5G.

The Archos 7 is the flagship of the range, with a 7in screen, wi-fi for fast web access, Flash 9 video support, a touch-screen Qwerty keyboard and POP/IMAP email server access.

An optional docking station allows users to record and play back TV from the web, and stream the contents of their PC wirelessly to the tablet.

And with the optional high-definition plug-in, it can play back 720p resolution video in high definition. If you want 3.5G connectivity, you'll have to pay extra. But headphones and a USB 2.0 cable come as standard.