Apple’s tvOS 15.1 lets users FaceTime and stream together with SharePlay

Apple SharePlay
(Image credit: Apple)

With the release this week of Apple's latest version of tvOS, the company has added a new feature called SharePlay allowing users to simultaneously stream media while on FaceTime together.

The update, which has been slightly delayed, enables ‘in sync’ viewing of films and programmes during a FaceTime call. SharePlay can also be used to watch a shared video on a big screen with Apple TV as you continue to chat on your iPhone. 

SharePlay will work across iPhone, iPad, and Mac, with shared playback controls, so that each participant can play, pause, or skip. To start viewing during a FaceTime call users just need to open a video streaming app that supports the service, and press ‘SharePlay’ while there is a new SharePlay menu available from Apple TV's control centre.

At present video streaming apps offering SharePlay are TikTok, NBA: Live, Paramount Plus, Showtime, Mubi and Apple TV. However, earlier this year Apple stated that Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, HBO Max, MasterClass, Pluto TV, Twitch and “many others” were also planning to integrate the service into their apps.

There’s also the option to listen together using Apple Music, Digital Concert Hall, Relax Melodies and Moon FM as well as a range of activity, fitness and game apps.

Apple is rolling out tvOS 15.1 now starting with Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K.


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