Apple's leaked dual USB-C charger could power up AirPods and iPhone at the same time

Apple's leaked dual USB-C charger could power up AirPods and iPhone at the same time
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Apple may have scrapped its AirPower wireless charger, but it could be readying the next best thing: a wired wall charger that can juice up two devices at the same time. 9to5Mac has seen a support document for the device that was published on Apple's website, only for it to be swiftly taken down.

That suggests it was published in error, most probably before the product's official unveiling. Or the device might have been scrapped and will never see the light of day. Either way, it exists, as this support document shows. 

We've contacted Apple for clarification.

The device features two USB-C sockets, making it Apple's first ever dual USB-C charger. Its total power output of 35W would be enough to simultaneously charge all sorts of Apple products, from AirPods to iPhones, iPads to even MacBooks.

Adding fuel to the rumour fire is renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who tweeted about a month ago about a new Apple charger that would feature GaN (gallium nitride) technology, have a new design and launch this year.

GaN chargers produce less heat, allowing them to be smaller while maintaining relatively high power. Hence they're more suited to charging smaller devices like mobile devices or lower-powered laptops like the MacBook Air.

The support document doesn't mention GaN technology, but Digitimes has previously reported that Apple was developing GaN chargers with USB-C connectivity. Of which this could be the first.


(Image credit: 9to5Mac/Apple)


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