You can save $100 off the iPad Air at Amazon right now

Apple iPad Air 2020
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Apple's latest iPad Air (2022) was recently unveiled, but that doesn't make Apple's last-gen iPad Air (2020) any less of a fantastic tablet. And now, it's a fantastic tablet that's $100 off on Amazon, bringing the price down to just $499.

In our review of the iPad Air (2020), we gave the tablet five-stars and said that, the "iPad Air is all the iPad most people will ever need. It’s such a solid and capable all-rounder, that very few will feel the need to spend the extra for the iPad Pro". 

iPad Air deal 

Apple iPad Air (2020): $599 $499 at Amazon (save $100)

Apple iPad Air (2020): $599 $499 at Amazon (save $100)
This iPad Air boasts a sleek, modern design, gorgeous display, vastly improved sound, and the smooth elegance of iOS. At $499, there probably isn't a better tablet out there for the money.

Apple iPads routinely have some of the best build quality out there in the tablet world, and the iPad Air (2020) is no different. Plus, its got a beautiful modern design that looks good in any colorway. Even if it's not Apple's latest or most expensive iPad, it feels incredibly premium.

This iPad Air has a powerful Apple A14 Bionic chip and can run any app or game with ease. Browsing the internet or scrolling through social media is snappy and responsive, and the iPad Air has all the familiar iOS features we've all come to know and love.

Known for making stunning displays, Apple's screen in the iPad Air (2020) looks expectedly fantastic. It's punchy, bright, and vibrant, but it also has enough depth and subtlety to do justice to darker, more nuanced scenes. 

Plus, this iPad Air marked a major change in the way Apple handled audio on the iPad Air line. This iPad Air is packed with speakers that fire out of either end of the tablet, giving a true stereo experience. Accordingly, audio is a lot richer and more spacious on this generation iPad Air than it was in previous generations.

Sure, maybe there are newer iPads and more expensive iPads out there, but at What Hi-Fi? we loved this iPad Air - and at this price, it's even easier to recommend.


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