AMR releases CD-777 player with Philips Multi-bit DAC chipset

This is the last chip that Philips made before moving away from Multi-bit technology, and it's the one that AMR says has a "startling analogue character".

If you want to hear it for yourself, then the £3200 AMR CD-777 player is the one you'll need to hear, and it's the only source that uses the chip.

AMR suggests you can use the CD-777 as a standalone, transport or as a dedicated DAC and promises, as well it might, performance "on a par with the best vinyl sources".

It is also capable of receiving a digital signal from a PC or transport either through USB or S/P-DIF and can send out a digital signal through S/P-DIF to an external DAC or computer.

Check out the Abbingdon Music Research website for more information.

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