Alexa can now make music follow you around the house

Alexa can now make music follow you around the house
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Amazon's Alexa-powered speakers can now make music follow you around the house. 

Create a 'group' of smart speakers for a specific location in your home ("living room", say), and you can start them playing music by saying, "Alexa, move my music to living room."

You can also tell Alexa to pause the music in one room, then when you get to another say, "Alexa, resume music here," and it'll carry on playing where you left off.

You can take tunes with you as you head out the door, too, providing you have a pair of Echo Buds. Connect them to your phone, and say, "Alexa, move my music here," as you step out and whatever you're listening to will be piped through your wireless earbuds as if by magic.

Of course it doesn't just work for music, but for all audio content, including podcasts and radio shows.

Sonos' Roam Bluetooth speaker has a similar feature called Swap. It's also believed to be coming to Sonos' rumoured wireless headphones whenever they launch (which could be before the year is out).


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