AKG unveils K812 reference headphones

AKG has pulled the covers off its latest flagship headphones, the K812. These are over-ear cans designed for professional use, and apparently took five years to develop.

The K812s are open-backed and sport 5.3cm drivers – the largest that AKG makes. They have an impedance level of 36 ohms. AKG says they sound good with portable devices alone, even if they were designed with headphone amps in mind.

The body is mostly made from die-cast aluminium, with a mesh fabric headband and faux-leather earcups.

These earcups are round, but the cutouts for the ears are slightly elliptical in shape. This is intended to provide a snug fit despite the hollow behind your ears. The detachable cable measures 3m and plugs into the headband, just behind th right ear.

The AKG K812s will be available from the end of November for £1000. They come with a wooden display stand.

by Ced Yuen

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