A neat little fix for Xbox VRR is on the way

Xbox Series X
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Xbox was ahead of the curve when it came to supporting VRR for a while until PS5 just recently got the feature, but now, a new update to Xbox VRR is on the way that will give gamers greater flexibility. 

According to Xbox Insider Program Lead Brad Rossetti, members of the Insider program (an opt-in program where fans can test out new features, software updates, and in-development projects) recently got the ability to toggle VRR support on Xbox to a few different modes: Always On, Gaming Only, and Off.

Off, of course, means VRR will be disabled, while Always On means it will always be enabled. The biggest addition here is the Gaming Only mode, which will only enable VRR when you're playing games.

So, why wouldn't you want VRR always on? Well, you generally will want VRR always on, if your TV supports it, when you're playing games, because almost no video games are capable of maintaining a rock-solid framerate all the time without drops ever, and VRR will smooth out frame drops when they happen.

However, enabling VRR often requires you to disable a number of other picture quality-related features while you're using it, and if you're watching a movie or something on YouTube, you probably want the best-looking video possible. With this toggle, you can make sure that's always the case.

Despite PS5 being late to the VRR party, it had a similar function straight from the start. You can choose to enable VRR for supported games in your settings, while you can also choose to enable VRR for unsupported games, too. This neatly avoids forcing VRR on at all times.

There's no word yet on when this VRR update is going to go live for all Xbox owners and not just those in the Insider program, but it's a pretty obvious quality-of-life improvement, so we wouldn't expect you to have to wait too long.


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