Make the cinephile in your life happy with these gifts fit for the silver screen.

We've collected all manner of cinema-related gear, from home AV equipment, toys, cinema membership and even a popcorn maker for the movie lover in your life. Just make sure they invite you round for movie night.

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Sphero BB-8 Battle Worn Plus Force Band

Best price £160 at Amazon

Let's be honest, BB-8 was the star of the first new Star Wars film, and now you can own him for yourself. This little fella can be controlled through your phone or tablet, or using the included Force Band – strap it on your wrist, wave your hand, and he'll move as if you were using the force. You can also record and watch virtual holographic videos using him, and he'll react to your voice. Your dog just got a new rival for your affections.

Q Acoustics Media 4

Tested at £330 / Best price £269 at Sevenoaks

If you don't want a full surround sound system in your lounge, then a soundbar is the space-saving way to upgrade your TV experience. This one has a fantastic dispersion of sound, weighty, powerful bass and aptX Bluetooth for streaming tunes wirelessly from your phone. 

Q Acoustics Media 4 review

Everyman cinema membership

Best price £60 at Everyman

You can't always watch your home cinema, so how about giving the gift of membership to one of the UK's foremost boutique cinema chains? They're dotted all over the country, including London, Leeds, Birmingham, Bristol, Oxted, Reigate and Walton. The seats are comfy, and each cinema has its own bar. Membership gets you four free tickets, £1 off every two tickets you buy, monthly members' events and 10 per cent off food and drink. You also get a free Chambord Royale cocktail every Monday. Just like a movie star.

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Amazon Fire TV Stick

Tested at £35 / Best price £24.99 at Amazon

The is one of the simplest ways to turn your telly into a smart TV. Just plug it into the HDMI port and you can stream all manner of films and TV shows to the big screen. Bundled services include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Curzon Home Cinema, which should cover the bases film-wise. Plus it has standard catch-up fare like BBC iPlayer and All4. A great stocking filler.

Amazon Fire TV Stick review

Logitech Harmony Companion Universal Remote Control

Best price £119.95 at Amazon

You've got Amazon, Netflix and more at your disposal, but you're constantly fumbling for the right remote control. Sound familiar? This universal remote is the antidote to your remote control headaches – it works with over 270,000 devices from more than 6,000 brands, and can replace up to eight home entertainment remotes. It can even control your lights too. Perfect for dimming them at the start of a movie.

Panasonic DMP-UB700

Tested at £400 / Best price £349 at Richer Sounds

This is one of the more affordable Ultra HD Blu-ray players around. For your money, you get a clean, detailed picture with natural colour balance, and a well-designed player that's simple to operate. It's also more than £200 cheaper than its flagship stablemate. Think of all the Ultra HD Blu-rays you could buy with that.

Panasonic DMP-UB700 review

Gourmet Gadgetry Retro Popcorn Maker

Best price £15.29 at The Hut

Not only does this 50s-inspired popcorn maker look suitably retro, it doesn't use oil, so the popcorn is healthier than the stuff you get at the Odeon. It turns kernels into warm delicious popcorn in just three minutes, too. The perfect companion for your perfect picture.


Tested at £1,850 / Best price £1,849 at Sevenoaks

True film fans know there's nothing quite like watching a movie on a projector. And Full HD projectors don't come more accomplished than this Sony. It delivers a subtle colour palette, a crisp, detailed picture and simple set-up. If you want the best projector around without having to remortgage the house, look no further.

Sony VPL-HW45ES review

Deadpool Ultra HD Blu-ray

Best price £19.99 on Amazon

One of the best films released this year and now out on 4K Blu-ray, this is a sterling way to relax after your Christmas roast dinner. And we're fairly confident you won't fall asleep. Not to your liking? Take your pick from our round-up all the 4K Blu-rays released this year.


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Do folks actually buy others a pressie for a couple of grand at Christmas ?

If so they need to Get A Life !

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My lg bp645 does pretty much

My lg bp645 does pretty much all the cxu does but for £800 less. I think the review should really focus on quality it buys rather than convenience