Our Verdict 
At this price – and we've seen it cheaper – we find it hard to find much fault with such a well-specified, solid performer
Big picture at a little price
looks great
exhaustive specification
detailed, colourful image
solid sound and off-air pictures
Black levels could be better
hints of noise at times
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There's never a dull moment in the television world – provided you're excited by a never-ending succession of shiny black screens, that is. All the main players in the market get through an inordinate number of model changes in the average year, jostling for supremacy as they do.

LG is on a good run right now, majoring on high-spec, solid performers – and the 50PG7000 hopes to continue this good work.

Sporting LG's 'Take It To The Edge' frameless design, the screen is truly flat, with a smooth, seamless glass frontage. That sleek-looking front covers a wealth of connectivity.

An abundance of connectionsThere are four HDMI inputs, Bluetooth connectivity for connecting a mobile or headset, a USB connection for sending music and pictures, a digital optical out, and the all-important 1080p resolution screen.

We fire up some 1080p/24fps Blu-ray content, with the predictably poor You Don't Mess With The Zohan disc and admire the LG's decent detail levels and natural colour balance.

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However, black levels aren't as confident as the class-leaders, struggling to deliver blocks of black with the necessary strength and solidity, but bright scenes are vivid and colourful.

Switch to a DVD, with bizarre but watchable flick The Fall, and the hints of noise in expansive, hard to render shots and occasional issues with motion – it's a 100Hz screen – are more noticeable, but it's still nothing too worrying for a screen of this size and price.

Sound tuned by Mr Mark LevinsonThe invisible speaker system – 'personally tuned by [respected audio engineer] Mr. Mark Levinson' – does a fine job. Given time to run-in, a clear, solid, full-bodied delivery to shame most TVs is all yours.

The digital Freeview tuner is good, too. Pictures may not be as sharp round the edges or as spotlessly clean as you'll see on smaller sets, but the quality's not to be sniffed at compared to other 50in offerings that we've seen.

If you're after an easy on the eye, big-screen experience, complete with solid sound and off-air images, this LG could be for you.