• Jabra Vox
Our Verdict 
Fun-sounding buds, but there are better ones out there
Good design
Solid build
Energetic sound
Sound is short on detail
Ill-defined bass
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We’ve never reviewed earphones from Jabra before. We tend to associate the brand with Bluetooth products such as in-car headsets.

So, how do their buds fare?


First impressions are good. The cable is thick, and has a square cross section that aims to prevent tangles. There’s a sturdy mic unit with three buttons that click satisfyingly.

Slightly further up, but below the ear buds, are magnets for keeping the headphones neat when they’re not being used.

The earpieces are also very nice. They’re solidly built and resemble little chunky boomerangs, a design intended to help keep them in place. It works: these are rather comfy.

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It’s decent. There’s a good sense of energy, although we’d like more in the way of detail and subtlety. The sound also isn’t particularly clean.

It feels a little murky at the low-end, where the bass could do with more definition, while the treble is on the thin side.


These are fun-sounding buds, and a good deal of thought has been given to their design, but you can buy better for the cash.

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