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Goldring NS-1000 review

Superb, powerful-sounding noise-cancelling headphones. A bargain Tested at £100

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

Superb-value and good noise isolation; they're a sweet but powerful-sounding pair


  • Comfortable, clean, crisp sound
  • highly competent noise cancelling


  • Nothing really

Last time we looked at these, they received a whole-hearted thumbs up and full complement of stars, and all that at £150.

Now they are widely available at around the £100 mark. A bit of a steal then? Well, yes.

A comfortable set of headphones, the NS-1000s are also excellent at cancelling out background noise. Sonically, it's a clear, clean, crisp and open sound, with plenty of detail revealed that more than justiifies the price tag.

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