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Quad 303 mission accomplished

Hi All, thanks so much for the replies & advice!!!

Ok this one is for all those trawling the net for information on the quad 303

After hours and hours of research and lots of kind advice, the following is the setup I have gone with:

Quad 303 (free)

Quad 33 pre amp (free)

Thorens TD 160b MK2 new oak plint and lid. (£295)

Sure V15 mk 3 cartridge with VN35 stylus (£100)

SME 3009 series 2 improved tone arm. (£200)

Bower & Wilkins 685's (£350) New. 

I am over the moon with this setup..... It just sounds jaw droppingly Devine!! I just thought I'd post this as I'm sure there are lots of people in the same boat as me, looking for info and also trying to setup a really nice sounding Hifi on a fairly low budged. Ok I was luck enough to have the amp and Pre amp given but realistically you could get this setup for around £1000 or even less If you purchased speakers 2nd hand.  

Cheers and hope this helps someone. 


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RE: Quad 303 mission accomplished

Hello Bren,

I have an old 303 & 33 and thought I might clean them up and use them.

Did you have to mod them in any way?


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RE: Quad 303 mission accomplished

I salute you sir a very high end set up in its day and still able to produce quality sound. Keep a eye on the heat of the amps they should be warm to the touch but if you cant touch them because they to hot get them looked at. Dont throw them away when the day comes they can be fixed at very reasonable price and provide a long enjoyment. A very good hifi well done.

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