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Hegel H70 + Dynaudio X12

Hegel H70 + Dynaudio X12 (on Dynaudio Stand 1 stands) with Supra 2.5mm speakers wires.

All my music goes into the amp from a computer, through the USB connection and the amp's internal DAC (16 bits/48KHz). The sound that comes out of this simple set up is truly amazing!

The system is in a room that's 13x6 metres. The punch and the bass these little speakers provide (without ever losing control) is unbelievable.


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RE: Hegel H70 + Dynaudio X12

Would love to see some pictures  Wink

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RE: Hegel H70 + Dynaudio X12

Did you listen H100?

Marantz PM8005 Marantz NA7004 Dali Rubicon 6 Tidal

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RE: Hegel H70 + Dynaudio X12


No. Sorry. The H100 was not available. It would have been beyond my budget anyway, so I didn't bother asking for a test box.

I auditioned the following:

- Marantz PM7004 (with SA7003 SACD player)

- Creek Evolution 2 (with Evolution 2 CD player)

- Revox Joy S119 (with my PC via wired Ethernet)

- Electrocompaniet ECI3 (with ECC1 CD player)

- Dynaudio XEO3 wireless active speakers (with XEO3 DAC/transmitter hooked to my PC)

All very different beasts. All very good in their own way, except the Creek, which turned the Dynaudios to absolute dull boxes. It was a total let down (it was better with easier speakers, though).

As for speakers, we used some Dalis, Dynaudio DM 2/6, DM 2/7, Excite X12, XEO3 and Focus 16, KEF R500, Anthony Gallo Reference 3.5.


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RE: Hegel H70 + Dynaudio X12

Hi there! I promise I'll post some as soon as the apartment is all finished with furniture and all. It'll take some time, but I promise I'll post back for you to see how it looks like, alright? Cheers, mate  Wink

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RE: Hegel H70 + Dynaudio X12

Well, Any update on this? You went for the Hegel H70 + Dynaudio X12 combo? Are you satisfied by the Hegel?

Anyone had the chance to listen to H100?

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