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How do I make my iPOD docking station multiroom

Currently we have a BOSE docking station for our iPOD. I am not hi-tech in anyway shape or form and neither am I a fan of music. However, my fiance is, and I was hoping to make this system multiroom for him. Is it at all possible to make this a wireless multiroom system and if so how? If not - is the Sonos 3 the best wireless multiroom system on the market at present? Any help is welcome. Thanks in advance.

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RE: How do I make my iPOD docking station multiroom

It won't be possible to make your Bose sound dock multiroom. Sonos is currently the best option.

The cheapest way to start building a multiroom system is by going for a Sonos Play:3 with ZoneBridge: http://www.sonos.com/search/giftpack?lang=en-us&region=uk&gclid=CL3Bts-5vqwCFQIf4QodFWrApA

The ZoneBridge will connect to your wireless router via Ethernet cable, allowing you to place the play:3 anywhere in the house.

Then it's just a matter buying more Sonos products to extend your multiroom, when funds allow.

Sonos can stream songs off your PC. It is worth investing in a NAS drive to store songs in, so that you can play songs even when your PC is off.

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