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New here, my story

Hello audio lovers,

i am new here at What hifi the famous review magazine. I search the web first for a good audio forum. Because of the fame of what hifi i sign in and naturaly the best buy wins of my favorite audiobrand by what hifi. ***** five stars all the time. 

in audio i am a lot of years. In my young years i started with cheap budget stuf and i grow to the middle of the audio spectrum. Real expensive audio systems are to much for me, i am very satisfied with the equipment i own at this moment. 

my interests are developments in sound systems, such digital amps and streaming music. Dac's are not my cup of thee, i will keep the chain as short as posible. 

i am also interested in pure analog audio. 

the brands i listen, rock, dance on it throug the years of my life are: owned in history #. Own at this moment ^.

pioneer # retired.

marantz ^  garden amp. 

jvc ^ retired.

sony ^ car radio.

bns # died.

mission # died.

jbl ^

nad ^

rogers ^

tdk #

akai # died

aristona # died

philips # retired.

sherwood # retired.


some of them i waved goodbye for ever and they are not welcome anymore in my music dome, some of the them i placed on a nice rack and get all the atention from me. Nice sound without technical failures for years. JBL, Rogers and NAD never let me down.

at audio shows and at dealers i heard very good audio from Rotel, Rogers, Roksan, NAD, Onda Ligera.

my audio philosophy is: get the best sound posible without spend to much money and with full out driven volume minimal distortion production.

now i must protect my ears gettin deaf  :rockout:



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RE: New here, my story

Welcome to the Forum! 

The main thing is to enjoy the music to the fullest! I DO !!! 



Rega RP6/Goldring Elite MC>Clearaudio Basic Plus

Synology NAS>Auralic Vega>Pathos Classic One MKIII>Dynaudio X12

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