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Lost freeview channels

Hey guys,


I have a samsung tv and after moving it the other day it lost most of the freeview channels. I have tried several times to retune to no effect, i have also tried all the factory reset and unplugging everything . 

I saw some where that it might be some thing to do with the multiplexs being missing or something, cant find how to check which ones i have though.I have checked and am on sandy heath and hemel hempstead transmiters.


   Any advice would be great thanks.  


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RE: Lost freeview channels

First of all disconnect aerial, then select retune let it try to find channels, (it won't obviously) then re-connect aerial & do another retune & voila hopefully you should have all your freeview channels. Smile

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RE: Lost freeview channels

Have tried this a few times and its not made any difference, 


Any other ideas mate


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RE: Lost freeview channels

So did you only move the TV and not the aerial? Or is it a portable aerial that's moved with the TV? Also, are you using the internal tuner in the Samsung TV, or do you have an external Freeview box that you plug into the TV?

In terms of which channels are on which multiplex, you can find which ones you have and don't have using this list.


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