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JVC DLA-X55R or Panasonic AT6000E

Hi All,

I'm looking to buy a projector in the coming days, currently looking at the JVC DLA-X55R or Panasonic AT6000E.

Any suggestions as to which is better? is the JVC worth an extra £2k?

Total budget for cinema room is £9k, so the JVC would use up over half the budget, but was told by my local dealer this was the best choice.


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RE: JVC DLA-X55R or Panasonic AT6000E

Look at Sony HW50 as well, in the Panasonic price range. I demoed it on Friday & was very impressed. Personally though, my preference is the JVC. What about the younge sibling DLA-X35,which is more in the price range of the other two? Obviously the X55 will be superior. Demo your options before purchase.

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