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REGA RP1 - Placement


Can anyone give me some advice about the placement of my RP1?  I purchased the unit last year after falling in love with the sound of vinyl using a Numark TTUSB connected to my PC.  I've now happily upped my collection (it's not a lot as of yet but happy with what I've bought!).  I was like a kid at christmas when I took delivery of my RP1 but I'm not sure if I'm getting the best out it if that makes sense (my TTUSB sounded much better when it was conencted to the PC but I'd imagine the soundcard would do a lot of the processing).

I've got the RP1 on a glass table and I'm using M Audio AV 40's speakers and a Behringer PP40 pre amp.  I can appreciate that it's not the best of kit but due to other priorities I don't have enough money to upgrade.  I don't get any feedback but I'm 100% sure that the sound should be much better.  Do I need to put something in between the plinth and the glass table?  The speakers are very close and although the sound doesn't distort, will this be making a noticeable difference? I can add pictures when I get home

P.S I'm using the "standard" RP1 so no performance pack.

Oh, and thanks and hello Smile 

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Hi and welcome.  For next to

Hi and welcome.  For next to no cost you can try isolating the tt by inter posing blutak, half squash balls, or a granite chopping board, or various combinations. 

You are unlikely to get obvious feedback, back if the sound blurs at higher volumes then that may be the reason. Try moving the tt just to see.

For £85 you can get the performance pack upgrade, which is reviewed in theSeptember magazine. 

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