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Project genie mk1 or mk2?


I'm very new to the game and have just bought what I thought was a mark 2 genie from richer sounds. However unpacking it there is no mention anywhere about it being a mark 2, it just says RPM1 no mark 1 or mark 2 stated.

Can anyone confirm which one mine is? It has a cord switch similar to the switch on a table lamp (I have seen pictures of a mark 3 which has the switch mounted on the motor). Also the end of the tonearm just above the cartridge has three holes drilled in it in a line (and in pictures of the mark 3 it is just flat - no holes).

 I have scoured the internet for pictures but as you can probably gather from my post all the pictures are of the mark 3! If anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated.

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Re: Project genie mk1 or mk2?

You have a Genie MK2

UK distributors for Pro-Ject, Ortofon, Roksan, Unison Research, Lehmann and Reloop

Here to help.

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Re: Project genie mk1 or mk2?

Sorry, but I beg teh differ. Early Models of teh Mk1 had teh switch in the cable. I have teh motor of a Mk2 (RPM1.2), which has the switch in the base, and I have a mk3 (RPM1.3) which has a pod as motor base. and also the switch on teh motor.

You have a Mk1. I would go back

Richer sounds has screwed me over before as well, and that was whiel TRYINg to buy something from them (which I ended up not doing). So I suggest you go back.

Mind you, you wont be able to get a new Mk2 anymore. I tried and they only ahve a handful of incomplete models spread over the UK... 

I recommend buying at sevenoaks. I bought speakers at their Cardiff shop a whiel back, and tehy were great. No kiss ass-look-me-pretend-knowing-it-better. But just set teh stuf up and let you evaluate! Teh one in bristol is also great. They stick to theri story, even if you ask for more expensive components, they still stick to what they recomemnded. Their borrow policy is also very good. Maybe a bit more expensive but well worth teh servioce I think!!


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Re: Project genie mk1 or mk2?

Thanks for your reply

I also note that the power supply for the one I have is 12V whereas a review in What hifi for the mk2 says it was upgraded to 16V.  It's currently on the richer sounds website.

I'm in two minds whether to return it as they only charged £100 for it.

What is your opinion of the mk1?  How much better is the mk2?

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Re: Project genie mk1 or mk2?

I don't have the Mk1, I have a Mk3, but only since yesterday. The Mk1 got raving reviews when it came out. So did the Mk2. Its a good deck for what you pay, but you paid 100GBP to get a Mk2, not a Mk1, so I would go back and try to get an extra discount for it. Try calling the main office first. They are not that bad. If you don't get anywhere, well, they are breaking the law. There is a consumers act that protects us consumers against malicious practises from commercial sellers. Of course, if you had the unit for several months I think your claim becomes less credible, but if it has been 1 or 2 weeks, I think they should help you out. Try your local shop first, and if they give you grief, call the main office. If that doesn't work you have a legal case. Of course you can just accept the  turntable and still be happy with the price you paid for it. For me its the principle that counts and here in the UK us consumers tend to be far to docile when it comes to our rights as consumer,where compared to the main land, the consumers organisations actually have the power to make or break companies...

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