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Ortofon 5e to om10

I have a bog standard Project turntable with the supplied Ortofon om 5e cartridge and recently have rediscovered the quality of the sound of records versus cd.

As I am enjoying my records again is it worth me upgrading to the Ortofon om10 or even further?

 I dont want to invest in a new arm but if a stylus upgrade will futher improve the reproduction of my records then my credit card is ready and willing!


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Re: ortofon 5e to om10

I did it - I went from a OM5e to OM10 on a Project Debut - and I think it's a great improvement

After all the OM10 stylus is only a few quid more than the OM5e stylus - and well worth it.

I asked folks here if they thought it was worth going for the OM20 or beyond - and they said not on a debut.

Enjoy your music...


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Re: ortofon 5e to om10

I've just this weekend changed my 5E for an Ortofon 2M Red, which is a great improvement. I don't know what the OM10 costs but I paid £72 for the Red. I thought about the Blue but that was twice the price and the Henley chap I spoke to reckoned I'd probably be better off putting that sort of money towards a better turntable. I can always get the Blue stylus at a later date if I want as the cartridge bodies are apparently the same (the stylus is still about £120 though...).

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Re: ortofon 5e to om10

Thanks guys for your replies.

Looks like its well worth while going for the OM10 as it will help to  improve things and not break the bank!


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