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General Turntable Help

i have a few questions that need answering. I bought my first turntable
recently, its a Ion Profile LP, and i have it connected to my speakers via a
RCA to 3.5mm jack, because it has a built in preamp. Is there any way of making
it sound better? Because at the moment its not the best of standard, is there a
way of removing a in build pre-amp and using a stand alone, would anyone
recommend me getting a new stylus for it? And also the turntable housing itself
emits the music being played but sounds tinny, is this normal for a built in
pre-amp? Also i saw a Technics sl 5300 on ebay, i know its over 20 years old,
but would you recommend this over the one i have at the moment?

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Re: General Turntable Help

I have a solution for you but you won't liek it:

get an actual turntable... The Ions don't really classify as a proper turntable. They are not worth the price you pay for them, but some of them are handy as you can connect them via USB to your PC and record vinyl. CDs are cheaper I'd say, but there you go...

Don't go modidng teh Ion, you spend probably as much as a desent turntable. If you have a tight budget, go for a Project Debut or Genie. They are fairly cheap, and they get raving reviews. They are not clearaudios or Michells or Linns, but they are brilliant for what you pay. 

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Re: General Turntable Help

I tend to agree I'm afraid. A friend recently bought one purely for the reason of archiving some of his vinyl, but was sorely disappointed.

I leant him my old Pioneer PL-12d with AT-91 cartridge (worth £30 for the turntable, £20 for the cartridge) which he used with a £20 vivanco phono stage (from Richer Sounds) straight into his PC, and he was amazed at the difference.

Obviously it doesn't look as trendy as the Ion though...

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Re: General Turntable Help

If your budget can stretch to it I would recommend a Project Debut 3 USB - it comes with its own preamp and has a USB plug so that you can record straight onto your computer.

I got one ex display last week from Richer Sounds (a good saving on cost) - have a look and see if they have any of the ex display ones in there shops in your neighborhood


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