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Beogram 1000

Blimey.... have not been round here for a while, hope that all, new and old, are doing well.....


Right, business.  My mate Tom is a sufferer of depression and a vinyl lover (dunno if that is linked) and he, like me, suffers from poverty.

He currently gets by using one of those god awful plasticky decks that used to sit on top of those stack sytems that used to be all over the place in the 80's/90's... I cannot remember if it is a Marantz or a Pioneer or a Technics but I am sure it makes no difference.

For many a year now I have often thought of getting him something better... you know scratching my Ebay/bargain itch by setting an amount and buying a deck locally that just blew away his plastic piece of rubbish and put a smile on his face.

The amount that I set myself was £15... and really I was looking for something that ranked in the "B" class of turntable legends, something that came in a close second to a Thorens and had largely passed through history under the radar.

My initial thought was a Pioneer PL-12 or a Garrard deck (not the Transcription tables but something that was more like a cheap Thorens rip-off, like an 86 or something like that). 

It is a testoment to modern interest in vinyl that both of these decks have increased much in price since I started my search, though I am not sure why, they are good but is a PL-12 worth much more that £20?

Anyway.... recently found on Ebay a Beogram 1000... obviously it looks beautiful and being early B&O looks like something that would not give an engineer a nightmare... so I bid on it and won it for about £10-11.... so far so good.

However I have started reading about it and all of a sudden my confidence that I have done a kind thing is sorely on the wane... Reviews are not kind to the Beogram 1000 and, for all its beauty, it turns out it may have been a bit of a turkey and a false dawn for B&O....

.... anyone with experience and opinion willing to put my mind at ease?   By giving Tom a Beogram 1000 and I being a friend or am I saddling the poor lad with problems and headaches?

Thanks for any responses.

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RE: Beogram 1000

Well you can't go wrong at the price, if you don't want it I'm sure you could get your money back on a re-sale. I would assume that the main problem with them (assuming everything works) is the specialist non-standard cartridges - should you need a new one (or stylus) it may well far exceed the value of the deck as a whole.

If you were willing to double your £15 budget you'd be there or thereabouts for a Pioneer PL-12 which I'm guessing would give more of a hi-fi performance (and be unfussy when it comes to replacement cartridges).

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