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Network player to equal Arcam CD72 sound quality

Hi I've got all my CDs digitised in WAV format on a NAS box and want to stream them to my hifi. I've played with a PS3 but I've come across 2 problems with this - the very limited scrolling-only menu system on the PS3 (if you want something starting with E onwards its quicker to go get the CD!) and also the sound quality, its simply not as good as playing the CD from the Arcam. My set-up (old but still sounding great) is as follows: Sony STR-DB940 with front speakers piped to NAD C340 running as power amp Arcam CD72 B&W DM601 S2 Sony PS3 as BR player/streamer so the PS3 is using digital out to the DB940 and that is doing the digital to analogue conversion, which doesn't sound as good as the CD72 DAC the analogue out into the DB940. I'm after a network player that has a good search facility so I can go straight to whatever album/artist I want and also sounds as close to the Arcam as possible. Budget is limited, around £250 but less if possible as I have to 'sell' the idea to my financial controller ;-). I had thought about an Xbox360 as I think it uses media player or similar but I've no idea what the sound quality is like. Any thoughts will be much appreciated! Thanks