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Optical connectors

Just got a canton dm50.  Installing the optical cable as supplied, the connector into the unit appears to go in half way very easily then is very stiff. Is it just needing a bigger push, should it click or feel solid when properly connected? How much play is expected in optic connector into unit and tv?

Any help greatly appreciated. 

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Hi there.

Hi there.

Optical connections usually click slightly. If it falls out when you tug gently then it's not connected fully. Some can be a little stiff but all optical connections are basically universal. The thinker the cable the better the sound will be too in my experience with them.

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Hi, Did you take the

Hi, Did you take the protector end caps off the optical cable before inserting?

I have the dm50 and once I removed the protrctors the click in with very little force.

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