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hello I am new here, so bear with me Smile


I have Avant range mordaunt short speakers, I realize al my speakers including the subwoofer all end in "i". But I decided that these speakers sound so good that I was going to set up a system in the spare room by buying up the same range second hand on Ebay..I have replaced them all so far except the centre speaker (7.1 set up).

But the problem is the only time so far I have seen the centre it is a 905C not the 905i, and any time anyone has the 905i they only accept home colection and they always live too far away.

I supose my question is does anyone know the actual difference in the Avant"i" range and Avant "C" range? Would it make much difference if I bought  the "C" range centre or would I be better haning in on until an "i" range centre turns up?


Finally, I recvenly bought a new reciver/amp for my main room, so the old sony one is in the spare room linked to the second hand speakers. But this newer one is actualyl a 7.2 reciever/amp, which of course means I can add 2 sbwoofers, is this advisable? Is it a good idea? The reason why I ask as the Avant 309i woofers I ave create an incredbile bass as it is, I am just wondering will it be too overwhelming and out phase the oither speakers? I suppose as there is now the capability to have 7.2, sooen must have thought that it was a good idea.


Thanks for reading any advise would be appreciated.