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upgrading help?

I have a system that (was 18 years ago) state of the art with Musical Fidelity P173 pre Amp, 2x M50 monoblocs, and Kef Q90 speakers.

Wife is unhappy with size / ash black of all this - any thoughts on how much I need to spend to match this sound nowadays - has to not be so ugly. Roksan turntable is allowed to stay - CD player may need update.

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Re: upgrading help?

 I'd say you probably have to spend at least around 1000 pounds these days to match (and hopefully beat) your old system for sound... An obvious option - as often advised by this very magazine - would be the latest Roksan Kandy III amplifier (650 pounds) with the Monitor Audio BR5s speakers (400 pounds)... You can check these units for looks, and it has to be said neither of these is particularly pretty... Prettier speaker alternatives at this level would be the KEF iQ5s (400 pounds) with a lovely shape and finish, and great reviews as well. Also, perhaps you (or our wife) will find that the excellent and revolutionary Cambridge Audio amplifier 840A (yours for 750 pounds) looks a bit more handsome. Or if too expensive you can check his little brother 740A (500 pounds)...

If you need a CD player as well, you could either add the corresponding player from Roksan (also for 650 pounds) with brilliant reviews, or the CD players from Cambridge Audio (also with fantastic reviews): 870C (750 pounds) or 740C (500 pounds)...

These seem currently to me the star systems... but others might have better suggestions.

Good luck!


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Re: upgrading help?

thanks Razz - appreciate your thoughts

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Re: upgrading help?

I would buy Cambridge Audio 840C, Musical fideliity A5 and a pair of Neat Momentums.

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