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Speaker Cable and Interconnects


 A few months ago I brought my first hi fi system it was a fairly impulse buy unfortunatly and I didn't trial anything. Luckily it still sounds pretty good for the money I paid for it.

I brought an Acoustic Solutions SP121 CD Player, Marantz PM4400 Amp, Cambridge Audio Atlantic Interconnect, Gale Symphony 200 speaker cable, Apollo A1 Speaker Stands and Wharfedale Diamond 8.1SE speakers. The only thing out of this system I can really afford to replace is the cables.

 So basically the reason I'm looking at new cables is I seem to have too much treble and it's quite annoying. The midrange and bass is fine although I wouldn't complain if the bass was a bit more refined. The treble also seems badly timed and it just doesn't seem to fit in with the rest of the sound.

I have around £15 (in total not per meter) for speaker cable and about £25 for interconects. I don't want to get bi wire as when I've bi wired my speakers with the current cable it makes very little difference. I've been having a look at Supra Rondo 2x2.5 speaker wire and the Ecosse Best Boy Interconnect. What I mainly want from the wires is for them to control the treble and makesure the midrange and the bass stay as good as they are currently.

 Are the cables I've looked at going to help? Or would I be better looking at another cable?