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PMC TB2+ are they any good

I currently have a set of b&w 685 s1 and I'm after another set of decent sized standmounters. I've never heard pmc speakers before, the question is are they a step above the 685.

Current gear is

Marantz cd 6004

Audiolab m-dac

Audiolab 8200p



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RE: PMC TB2+ are they any good

Think John Duncan, as he's owned DB1'+' and 'i' versions, could possibly answer the question better than me.

Firstly, the TB2s should be a decent step up in SQ. Secondly, although a little easier to drive than the DB1s, I've not heard your Audiolab power amp... I would guess, however, they would work well together, but I wouldn't pin my colours to the sticking post.

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RE: PMC TB2+ are they any good


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RE: PMC TB2+ are they any good

Aren't they available as Active Speakers?

Then you only need a DAC.

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RE: PMC TB2+ are they any good

Powered passives, they have those flying mole amps strapped to the back.

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RE: PMC TB2+ are they any good

Yes !  they are very good natural sounding speakers that work very well with a wide variety of competent amplifiers, but the better the amp and source the better they sound .

They should be a considerable step up from the B&W's in every way imo .  Smile

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RE: PMC TB2+ are they any good

I have the "i" version connected to Rotel 06 and MArantz CD 6004. Happy with fast paced music but lacks the warmth of female vocals.  SQ way better than my previous MA Bronze 2.


my friend has the same speakers, connected with Esoteric CD player, Bryston pre and power amp.  The sound is mind blowing.


highly recommended speaker for Tb2i (never heard the "+" version),

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