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RE: most recent upgrade ? RE: most recent upgrade ?

mikefarrow wrote:

anybody else treated themselves over xmas ?

Yeah - Sennheiser HD-650... wonderful! and a Monitor Audio ASB-2 that replaces the 20 year old Linn speakers/Rega Brio amp. Sounds better, less cable, more floor space but it's got a really shltty remote for a piece of kit that costs a grand.

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Swear filter fail!

Swear filter fail!

I am the danger. 

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RE: Swear filter fail!

BenLaw wrote:
Swear filter fail!

Na, just the old Iow case L trick.

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RE: most recent upgrade ?

hi mike,i think darren uses his level entry cables,to show people what can be achived sound wise with his modest cables,i know also does the hifi shows where he works wilson benesh speaker company,that only use cables at the shows.i'm sure it's not about the cost of the cables as he is happy to demo his top line cables to anyone who wants to hear. i know darren last system was the top of the range naim system but says he does chop and change his system quite often.have you ever tryed clearer audio cable mike ,or do you stear clear of cable upgrade thing.cheers david

lx 508d,klyne 7 pre amp,arcam bdp 300, monachy 33 dac class a,monarchy  class a amp,kochel horn speakers,xlo limited cabling,locus design cables,clearer audio cables,siver starlight 6 hdmi,stillpoints. 

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RE: most recent upgrade ?

I've been wanting to go back to surround, so have added a pair of AVI DM5 to my ADM40. Also brought the Yamaha RXV3067 back to act as pre/pro. 


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