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Magnat MA 800



The German company Magnat has a semi-lamp amplifier MA 800. I wanted to know if some of you ever tried it. I see no reviews on the net... At least not in English. 




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RE: Magnat MA 800


Hi, I listened to this amp with its related CD player (which also incorporates valves as part of its design) the other day in Saturn. My recollection is that both components were just under 1K Euro each. As I came across these products by chance I did not have any of my own music to listen to, so relied on what the shop had which was an 80s era CD with such things as Aha, Visage, and Soft Cell on it. I cannot vouch for how long the components have been run in for but note that the valves souced in Russia are already pre-run in and matched before fitting. The amp takes a matter of seconds to warm up from being off (again can't comment on what sounf would have been like if left on for greater period of time.) Controls on both components and build quality is very good, and cetainly up there with Naim, Musical Fidelity or Densen from an appearance perspective.In terms of sound, the important bit, my take is slightly limited by the 3way Cantons Floor Standers  that it was paired with, which were not a price appropiate pairing. That said the 10 minute demonstation suggested that Magnat Components gave a good wide sound stage. The timing was excellent, really nice. Seperation was excellent and as was placing of instruments and vocals. I thought that this combo sounded nicely musical, made the hairs on the back of my neck stand when playing Visage Fade to Grey. Balance was a Warm as say Naim but not as warm as Arcam (IMHO). 

As I too am in the hunt for a CD/Amp/Speaker set up I am impressed enough by what I have heard to want to listen to it again with a wider collection of music. I would love to hear this through BW CM5s or CM8s. To put my thoughts into context other set ups that I have listened to and like are the Naim Uniti through Sonus Faber, Musical Fidelity X-RAY through B&W, and along time ago a Marantz Cd17 through a Densen Beat and some Castle speakers. I would love to be able to listen to the new MF and Densen line up (at their entry level) for comparison.

Hope this assists.

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