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linn keilidh passive floorstanders any good ?

im thinking about buying a air of these are they any good

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RE: linn keilidh passive floorstanders any good ?

I hope you get an answer to this, but I don't think there are many owners of these speakers on here. If this proves to be the case, try the Linn forum.

What is the rest of your kit, as generally Linn speakers sound best on the end of a full Linn system.

Sorry can't be of more use.


"We should no more let numbers define audio quality than we should let chemical analysis be the arbiter of fine wines."  Nelson Pass

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RE: linn keilidh passive floorstanders any good ?

I used to have active Keilidhs and absolutely loved them - kept them for 15 years.  Was on the end of an all-Linn system.  I wouldn't say they were particularly accurate or revealing but they were just really listenable to across all kinds of music.  You could play a badly-recorded CD and really enjoy it.

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RE: linn keilidh passive floorstanders any good ?

I owned a pair of these about 18 years ago and from what i can remember they sounded very good overall,with a good deep bass and a smooth treble and they also worked suprisingly well in my small bedroom,they were runing  on a naim nait 3 and then a nac72 and nap140 with linn speaker cable.One thing i would check is that the pair you're buying have the optional granite bases as they do improve the sound quality(they tighten up the bass).I hope this helps.

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RE: linn keilidh passive floorstanders any good ?

I also had a pair of Keilidhs a long time ago (with the granite bases) which I ran passive with a Linn pre/power combo (LK1/LK100 I think).

I was really pleased with them. Very musical and great (but not overblown) bass for playing stuff like Genesis, Rush, etc. I kept them until the arrival of small children meant the end of any floor standing hi-fi for a few years.

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RE: linn keilidh passive floorstanders any good ?

i have a pair of linn keilidhs in black with the granite plinths and spikes. serial nums- 018615 and 018616. they have the mesh grills over the tweeters. are these the ones with the latest tweeter upgrades. or are the ceramic tweeters the latest spec?

M Haver

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RE: linn keilidh passive floorstanders any good ?

Yes, they are really good. I have enjoyed mine for over 15 years I think? 

I still remember the moment of decision in the listening room. Salesperson: "So, you like blues, and you like BASS? So I'll just leave you here listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan Live!". I didn't even reach the solo.

Currently they're driven by Rega Vinyl or Cyrus Stream-X, bi-amped by an 8XPdQX and X-Power with 2x PSX-Rs.

I am amazed at how they have revealed more and more as I have upgraded the front end from a basic Arcam Amp&CD.

I'm looking right now into getting another X-Power + PSX-R and upgrading the Keilidhs for tri-amping.

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