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RE: KEF LS50 stand Question..

Hi all,

How can we identify these stands?

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RE: KEF LS50 stand Question.. RE: KEF LS50 stand Question..

FrankHarveyHiFi wrote:

I'll be trying the Custom Design stands (103 and 104) within the next couple of weeks, and it'll be interesting to see how they compare to the Atacama HMS2's and Apollo AZ stands - especially the latter, as KEF themselves recommended a heavy stand.

                       Did you get around to trying the above stands ?   Smile

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RE: KEF LS50 stand Question.. RE: KEF LS50 stand Question..

Sorry, we were just too busy over the Christmas period. Unfortunately, the stands weren't filled, and I feel their footprint is a little small to be stable enough with a speaker like the LS50 with its central column being filled. That is what I like about the Atacamas - they have quite a large footprint, so don't have to be filled unless preferred. The Apollo AZ's are good stands, and I'm guessing would be better than the FS104 "out of the box" due to being pre-filled, but again, a smaller footprint, and I don't find them as stable as the HMS2's.

Frank Harvey Hi-Fi Excellence

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RE: KEF LS50 stand Question..

I've had my LS50's sat on the following:


Atacama Nexus 6i's - mass loaded with 4kg of atabites in each

Partington Super Dreadnoughts (again with 4kg opf atabites in each)

Partington Broadsides (with 6kg of atabites in each)

Atacama HMS 1.1's and 2'1's (again with 4-6kg of atabites in each)


Found that the LS50s, to me, sounded the best on the Nexus 6i's and Partington Dreadnoughts...!


The rest went back (or sold 2nd hand) and I've stuck with the Nexus 6i's!


They sound fantastic on them; with them mass loaded its really hellped the bass depth and punch and made it night and tight/agile...

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RE: KEF LS50 stand Question..



My Kef's LS50 are standing on Pardington super Dreadnoughts. Very good and heavy stands.

They sound sublime on these.

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KEF LS50 Speaker Stands


Did you ever get the chance to tryout the FS104's?  


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