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Home DJ Speaker advice


I'm in need of some decent bookshelf speakers for DJing and home use, could do with some help and advice please.

I've got a Rotel RA-920AX, 1210's playing vinyl and Serato Scratch Live, and a Vestax PMC-07.

Will also hook up my PC and Mac for general use playing MP3's, internet content etc.

I'll be playing everything from Foreign Beggars to The Cinematic Orchestra to Pavement to Dave Clarke to Steely Dan.

Oh and I'd rather not spend over £150/£200.


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RE: Home DJ Speaker advice

Am I in the wrong place :oops: , is there a budgethifisite I could try? Dance 4

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RE: Home DJ Speaker advice

What sort of DJing? Just at home or are you intending to do parties etc? Most hi-fi speakers won't cope with extended high volume level sessions, and your budget looks rather low for proper DJ gear.

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