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RE: Digital Room Correction

Macspur wrote:

Neuphonix wrote:

Hey Mac,

any progress on organising a home demo on this unit yet?


Question also for David if he catches this;

I finally got around to running the ARO room correction set-up on my JL subs over the weekend. Wow, what a difference, much much better definition, wish I had done it earlier.

Given that my subs have a built in EQ feature do you think that the anti-mode is really needed? Or would it just perform much the same function.

I'm pretty keen to give it a try but don't really want to spend the money if it is just going to duplicate what I already have.

No sorry mate... couldn't find anyone prepared to come and set it up for me so far... got 1 more place to try.

To be honest though, had my eye taken off the ball lately, as found an Accuphase amp that I'm quite keen to try... too many balls in the air, probably end up dropping them all!


Really? You're looking at changing your Sudgen?

That is a lot of balls!! Should we roll out the organ grinder for you?! Wink

Let us know how you go.


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