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RE: completely puzzled !!!

Glad to see that you have come to some conclusion regarding your conundrum.  Hopefully that is the right choice...for you.

I could answer your question on tone controls (having een one who had to have them and now am quite happy to keep them switched off, etc.) but I won't...for fear of starting a polemic.   Wink

Suffice to say that it is all dow to the ears and what the individual is looking for in terms of sound. 

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RE: completely puzzled !!!

lpv wrote:

... all records are recorded in different way/ fashinon... 

 Well youi've kind of answered your own question. The recording engineers have recorded it in a certain way because that is how they/the artist want it to sound. Besides. Often not using or having tone controls means a shorter signal path meaning you get a cleaner signal. i.e. more hi fidelity. Which is why some believe purist amps shouldn't have them (flat earthers?)

I find most tone controls to be pretty crude and not even that effective in removing bass boom due to the listening room. You might as well start using an equalizer in the chain because tone controls don't give enough fine control to allow you to, for example, make one track a bit warmer, while only boosting lower bass in another track to give it more punch.

At the end of the day, you should feel free to listen in whatever way gives you the most enjoyment. For me it usually involves no tone controls or bypassing them.

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RE: completely puzzled !!!

... and now I'm really tempted to audition good mid range amp ( like Cyrus 8Dac or Roksan Caspian M2 the ones without tone control ) on my speakers  and hear what the hype is ... I'll do it when I've got a chance and share my impressions with you:-) 



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