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Bk-12 vs Frugel horn mk3

Hello can anyone give me some comparison between bk 12m and frugel horn mk3 despite the looks. 

The room they will be used in is tiny  3.5 m x 3.5 m  / 11.5 x 11.5 feet, so the room gain will be considerable.

Speaker for it is Fostex fe126en

Amplifiers i have for the setup is Densen b-130xs and Accuphase E-305, i know a tube amplifier would be preferable, but i havent really found a decent small tube amplifier yet

Regards Mick



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Sadly, I can't offer up a

Sadly, I can't offer up a comparison you're looking for. I've heard a few full range speakers including Frugel Horns and think they just sound right. What they lack seems irrelevant when compared do the things they do right. I'd expect them sounding quite magical with Densen.

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No ...

... but I built a pair of FH3s, with Markaudio Alpair 7.3 drivers, for my son and he is delighted with them. They do sound really rather good.

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