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Amp upgrade?

Hi There

I am looking to upgrade my amp. I currently have a cambridge audio A1 which i picked up for next to nothing. I think its letting my system down. I have a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon with the Ortfon 2M Red cartridge, Nad PP1 Pre-amp, Mission 771 speakers.Does anyone recomend any decent amps which would suit my system for under £150 (I have a low budjet)  I assume something secondhand and older which be more value for money? Any help would be appreciated.  :grin:



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RE: Amp upgrade?

For me the obvious choice would be the Denon PMA520AE at around £140. If you want a decent upgrade it would probably worth saving an extra £50 and going for either the Pioneer A30 or Denon PMA 720AE (both under £200).

Secondhand -  I've had luck sometimes and other times the item has broken within half a year.

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