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Advice needed - Monitor Audio BR5 & NAD C320?


 I have recently bought the Monitor Audio BR5 speakers and I am now looking for an amp to complement the system. My main music source will be the computer (just like in the topic below). Do you think that the NAD C320BEE amplifier will work well with my speakers? If not quite, can you recommend another amplifier in the same price range? Thanks a lot in advance for any advice you may give.



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Re: Advice needed - Monitor Audio BR5 & NAD C320?

Hi Nick

The NAD should work fine with the BR5s, but you might also want to consider the Cambridge Audio Azur 540A v2.0 (£250) or a Rotel RA-04 (£250). The Rotel is our Best Buy amp under £300 in the 2007 Awards.

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Re: Advice needed - Monitor Audio BR5 & NAD C320?

 Thank you Andy for your quick reply.

 I have just read your review of the RA-04 and I am really impressed. One question, though: do I understand that correctly that the only difference between Cambridge Audio 540A and 340A is the output power? If so, do I really need the 540A model, given that 340A's output power is the same as that of Rotel's (40W under 8 Ohms)?

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