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RE: Logitech UE-6000 Noise-Canceling Stereo Headphone review

When I log in now, the header says "You are not allowed to post new content in the forum."

EDIT: And now it's back to normal. Computers, huh?

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RE: Logitech UE-6000 Noise-Canceling Stereo Headphone review

Reliability raises it's ugly head. :wall:


The cans have developed a fault where a light tap on the right can interrupts the sound with what sounds like an electrical short.  Checked the cable and only happens when in active mode.  On the train this results in a short every few seconds and has got progressively worse.


Back to the store for a replacement:roll:

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Logitech UE 6000+Sound Blaster Zx+Mixcraft 7Pro

I'm from Russia. I do not speak English. My hobby is music. In my 55 years I've heard analog music and now digital music. Today I have success in music. I use a home computer. It's easy for me to have fellowship in the Russian forum, but I'm interested to read other people's opinion. Unfortunately, the Logitech in our stores are not sold. I bought the Logitech UE 6000 headphones, Sound Blaster Zx, Mixcraft 6 Home studio in California. I do not interfere with their home and neighbors. Not many users like this option. Many have to wear headphones in transit. I will not enumerate on any mobile devices and players used the UE 6000. I'll tell you what result I have now. I had the opportunity to listen to music using Mixcraft 6. I have now updated the program to version 7 Pro. I am pleased with the results. If anyone wants to experience, he can any headphones to check through these programs. It is a financial cost that I can afford. Logitech UE 6000 - $200, Sound Blaster Zx is $110, Mixcraft 6 Home studio - $45, update Mixcraft 7 Pro - $120. I found a good setup that you will see.


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